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Tribale Poursuite Newsletter #13

Farewell 2017, hello 2018!


For this new year 2018, I wish you a good health, a lot of happiness and great successes for both your personal and professional life. May all your projects happen and make you travel physically or in imagination. The bottom line is that you are driven by your dreams and your desires. In 2017, the year was punctuated by many events relayed on my site and in your favorite newsletter. The year 2018 promises to be just as rich: a new collection of 100% Vegan furniture, the Fetichh exhibition that will be presented to the Belgian public next May in Brussels, new pieces and new talents to be presented to you.




Two new galleries in France

L'œil du papillon

The second semester of 2017 was marked by the arrival of Michel's creations in two new French galleries.

Located in the heart of Annecy (Haute-Savoie), the gallery "The Eye of the Butterfly" was imagined by Isabelle Prost. It is at the crossroads of an art gallery and a decoration shop dedicated to the unique object or edited in limited edition. Michel has naturally found his place. He is presented as an ethnic furniture designer. The Nyala skin chairs, Koudou horns, goat and ram and the alligator leather table, Asian buffalo horns and bronze are displayed in the middle of beautiful objects carefully chosen by the hostess. Two other pieces complete this choice: a small alligator skin chair and an ostrich skin table. The Anneciens have discovered this selection in summer 2017.



Passage du Pré Carré 4, rue Vaugelas 74000 Annecy. +33 (0)4 56 34 96 22. -


Go South of France now This brand new place, Ghost gallery presents since the end of 2017, apart, curious and quirky objects and pieces of furniture. In the 8th district of Marseille, on the 1st and 2nd floors of a mansion, the StreetArt Gallery is dedicated to Street Art. Ghost gallery has just opened its doors on the ground floor and in the basement, in place of a police station! The intention of the owners is to exhibit sharp, upscale and daring artists. Michel's creations, a rocking chair, a small alligator armchair, parchment lighting and a console in cowhide dyed red are staged in one single room of this new place. There is a rumor that this room is the former commissioner's office. You have to check urgently.


122 rue du Commandant Rolland – 13008 Marseille +33 (0)4 91 58 31 94.

L'œil du papillon

Vegan Pursuit, a new adventure



The idea had appeared to him as a path to explore absolutely: how to make furniture from plant elements? Michel, who for years has been handling animal skin and horns like nobody, had to find the materials that satisfy him in his creations. By dint of searching, he has recently found many interesting plant materials to work with. The first throne "Vegan Pursuit", the misnomer name of his company, was born in early December. On his gigantic wooden structure, Michel glued, studded, patina giant creepers, intertwined with stones from Brazil.


The result is stunning,
terribly beautiful
and powerful.

The story of a journey
from Paris to São Paulo


Last October, Michel gave a lecture on his atypical career and also explained what brought him to Brazil. This presentation was not only intended to explain his artistic path from the beginning to a large panel of interior designers at the Center of Decoration and Design of Sao Paulo but also to exhibit pieces of furniture, all made in Brazil.

In the first part of his presentation, Michel explained how he came from graphic design to make cartoons: "I started to move my drawings, to give them life! ". After a few years in the production of cartoons, or 104 episodes of the series entitled "Sharky & Georges", he discovered the creation of furniture as obvious: "... a carcass of armchair. An abandoned throne. I decided to give him some panache ... "

With this first throne the Tribale Pursuit concept was born. There will be dozens of unique creations that will be made as part of the Maison & Objet trade show. "This show has allowed me to open up to the world and to meet those who are still my clients today: Philippe Starck, Carlo Rampazzi, Guy Laliberté, Taittinger, etc. "

And then, there were trips and the discovery of Brazil. "Today I live a new love story, I met a new world! Brasil. (...) For Michel, Brazil is obvious and natural: this huge land is the symbol of diversity nourished multiple stories of peoples. "


Art Shopping Sao Paulo

Les Branges cottage where a throne took its place in Val d'Isère

Located in a unique location with an exceptional panorama, in Val d'Isère, in a former alpine chalet completely renovated, the mountain chalet Les Branges is rented to accommodate up to a dozen people. The particularly neat decoration has been realized to guarantee an optimal comfort to its guests. In a wooden alcove, a red cowhide throne by Michel took place, offering comfort and originality. And bringing an original touch to this chalet located in the middle of one of the most beautiful French valleys.



The interview : Anikalena Skarström,
Swedish luxury ready-to-wear designer based in Paris


Anikalena Skarström

What is your background?

Of Swedish origin, I was raised in the city of Gothenburg. My artistic taste made me take the path of the Fine Arts: I presented my file, was accepted and remained there two years. Soon after, imagining my brand, I wanted to open my very first shop. As I was very young and talented in sewing, I wanted to acquire additional training. Paris is then imposed. I took evening classes at Esmod (School of Fashion Arts and Techniques). To make a living and for five years, I worked for the German luxury brand, Renata. Then as a freelance designer, I went to work in Italy and France for some well-known brands (Toit du Monde, Promod, etc.).

In 2001, I started a collection of clothes that I proposed and sold at home. After the first three collections and many trade shows in France, the United States and Japan, I opened my current store in 2003. This was possible thanks to an English customer who had a big shop in Taunton in Somersert (Great Britain) and who bought me a big part of my collection.

For the year 2018, my projects would be either to open a second store in Paris or develop an online store to offer a dozen flagship products of my collections. It's in the process of reflection.


2 - What vision do you have of your job?

I define my style as independent. My sources of inspiration are the women of the 30s and 40s who are very feminine while being strong. We must not forget that the garment is a kind of carapace. We look stronger thanks to him. Besides being the woman or the man, the garment protects from the cold but not only. They protect you form the eyes.

In each of my collections, I like to present refined winter and summer dresses. I use for that silk, cottons, lins that I will dye in all colors and all ways, transform them partially or completely. This is my trademark! I have been working for years with Japanese and Italian suppliers of fabrics who offer me hand-woven materials of great beauty. They know my taste for beautiful fabrics and feed me regularly. For me, the fabric is what makes the difference in our business.

For the summer of 2018, the collection was designed around a woman of the 30s. She is independent and elegant at the same time. The lines are filiform like lianas, ornamented with long necklaces. She will also wear summer coats. The colors proposed are in shades of rather dark gray and faded lins, completed by silk prints in a wide variety of colors that I dyed myself: gray-blue, khaki-gray, deep red that will also good to brunettes than to blondes, etc.


3 - What do you think of Michel Haillard's creations?

Michel is an artist who has a lot of independence of mind. He is a very nice person, kind and charming.

He does his thing thoroughly and that's why it works. He is unique in his field.

Today at the shop, I expose one of his stools in the fitting room and some of his jewelries.

Regarding his artistic work, people react a little extreme: either they really hurt, or they love.

It is true that if his work pleased everyone, it would not be Michel Haillard!

People do not understand his work or worship it.

I find that his project around the plant is very good. "Vegan Pursuit" will bring him a lot because it is right on in a big trend.

I consider the vegetal side very feminine, and the animal side as being much more masculine. Proposing both is totally complementary. I cannot wait to discover his new pieces.

Francesca Taylor
Francesca Taylor
Shop :
16, rue Pont aux Choux, 75003 Paris

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